Thursday, March 31, 2005


Panoramic photography or "Still Frame" photography? What about composition? What about the third dimension - depth? What about a fourth one - movement? What about being significant, important, documentary, associative?

As you, probably understand, Click likes "Still Frame" more than scroll-driven panoramic images. Why? Well, there is such think like composition. It is extremely difficult to obtain good composition on panoramic photos, you leave a lot to the unsexperienced cutomer, and there are very few places where it is possible to make panoramic pictures. No one wants to stick their nose to walls and pavements scrolling around. Right?

Photography for virtual tours is special. It is different. Most importantly it must carry the feeling of "being here". It is not rotating-panoramic or other technology tricks which make it. It is an art of making the right individual photo and photo sequence. This is not the same as a movie. Because it is an interactive media. It is totally opposite to movies. In movies producer dictates time, producer is in control. In virtual tours - the user. Aren't we all like to be in control?


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